“Toy Story 3”

I approached “Toy Story 3” with mixed emotions.  I was excited because it was a new Pixar movie with characters I knew and loved.  I was anxious because I wasn’t really sure that there was enough potential for a third movie.  We all know that sequels have a mixed history at best.  If the wheels are going to come off a franchise, the third installment is when it’s likely to happen.  But I was hopeful so off we went to the theater to see the continuing adventures of Woody, Buzz, and friends.  We were not disappointed.  Nor were we alone in our enjoyment.

“Toy Story 3” has a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, was Time Magazine’s best movie of 2010, and was the third animated feature ever to be nominated  for an Academy Award for Best Picture.  Instead of bookending the Toy Story saga, it introduced the audience to a wider world with new locations, new toys, and the potential for new adventures.  It was funny (Spanish language Buzz.  What can I say about Spanish language Buzz?).  It was sad.  It was a beautiful homage to growing up, moving on, and the permanence of love.  It was simultaneously more than I expected and everything I have come to expect from Pixar.  Quite simply it is a masterpiece.

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