“Cars 2”


Every other time I have tried to do a project on the Pixar catalog, this is where I get stalled.  “Cars 2” is my least favorite Pixar film ever.  And not just theatrical releases.  I prefer all the feature films, short films, and theatrical trailers to “Cars 2”.  What I was hoping for was a “Mater’s Tall Tale” writ large.  What I got was a scattered plot with no real focus, a ‘twist’ villain that The Princess figured out a third of the way in, and characters that didn’t even really seem to like each other any more.  I can’t even say sequels just aren’t as strong as the original.  However, Pixar had already made two sequels of “Toy Story” both extraordinary films in their own right.  As sad as it is to say, for the first time Pixar just missed the mark.

I am not alone in my dislike.  “Cars 2” is the only Pixar movie to be a ‘rotten tomato’ with only 39% positive reviews.  It was the first Pixar film not to be nominated for an Academy award.  In fact the only award it received was for box office receipts.  By most standards it was an economic success.  For me, I want more from Pixar.

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