“Monsters University”

“Monsters, Inc” was never one of my favorite Pixar films, so it should come as no surprise that its sequel didn’t do much for me either.  I found it somewhat predictable.  If felt more like an 80s, underdog triumphs, college movie than a Pixar offering.  It was fine.  It was funny.  I found the supporting characters much more interesting than Mike and Sully.  We already knew what was going to happen with their story, so that was probably why I found it hard to engage.

Like most Pixar films it was financially successful.  Unlike other offerings, it did not receive a lot of awards and only moderate critical acclaim.  The general consensus was that it was a fine movie that children would love, but was missing that little extra something that gives Pixar its creative edge.  I concur with that.

For me, though, the gem of the movie is in the film’s climactic scene.


***********MAJOR SPOILERS HERE.  Scroll down if you want to skip them************  When Mike and Sully are trapped in the human world, their escape scene was terrifying.  It was every horror movie trope ever conceived in one fell swoop, that not only saved them, sent the authorities running, and powered every battery at MU; it scared me too.  And I knew it was Mike and Sully!  If Pixar ever set their hand to the horror genre I would be doomed. ***********************************************************************


What did you think of Pixar’s return to Monstropolis?  Tell me here:



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