The Good Dinosaur

“The Good Dinosaur” is another Pixar buddy adventure movie.  A dinosaur and his pet human journeying together to find home.  It’s an intriguing idea, and the opening scenes are beautiful.  It was the first Pixar movie that I wondered if they spliced in live action footage to fill in the backgrounds.  (They didn’t, by the way.)  I really wanted to like this movie.  It was beautiful and well crafted, but I just didn’t get engaged.  Part of it was the plot.  I had a hard time buying into the story.  It wasn’t the premise.  I am sufficiently imaginative to allow for an advanced, agrarian, dinosaur society.  My problem came with some of the smaller plot elements.  Arlo falls down a lot.  He falls off cliffs, gets washed away by a raging river, attacked by more violent dinosaurs and at no point gets permanently hurt.  All I could think was that he would have broken a leg at the very least if not his neck and been food for scavengers.  As realistic as the animated environment is, I found it hard to let go of the little things.

I was not alone in my apathy.  “The Good Dinosaur” did well commercially and received good reviews.  However it did not receive any major awards and is not listed with Pixar’s great works.  It was entertaining, but nothing special.  It did not move people the way so many other Pixar films have and for me, this puts it firmly in the middle of the pack.

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