Finding Dory

The fifteenth and final (for now) Pixar feature is “Finding Dory”.  Of all the sequels (with the possible exception of the upcoming “Incredibles 2”), this one has had the most avid supporters.  In no small part because Ellen DeGeneres (the voice of Dory) has been very vocal about her willingness to reprise her role as the optimistic blue tang.  The film arrived on June 17 of this year and had the second largest opening weekend of an animated feature and went on to become the second highest grossing film of this year.  While critically not as strong as “Finding Nemo”, the film was given overall positive reviews with few exceptions.

It is hard to know the lasting impact of “Finding Dory”.  It has only recently become available for home viewing and only time will tell if has the longevity of “Toy Story 2” or the forgettable mess of “Cars 2”.  Either way, it gae us the gift of Baby Dory who may be the most adorable character in the entire Pixar canon.

Did you think “Finding Dory” was worth the wait?  Tell me here:


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