And the winner is…

After months of viewing and reviewing Pixar’s fifteen feature films, the results are in.  “WALL-E” has managed to edge out “The Incredibles” by one point to take the top spot.  The scores for cinematography carried our favorite robot into the lead.  There are some honorable mentions to take note of.  “The Incredibles” is the fan favorite movie and “Finding Nemo” was the only film to receive a perfect score for cinematography.  “Cars 2” was the clear loser, falling significantly behind all the other movies with low marks in both plot and emotional engagement.

Please remember, if you are deeply offended that this is in no way scientific or comprehensive.  These results were compiled by me and reflect the opinions of approximately 10 people.  Most of whom I know personally.  The sample size is hardly comprehensive.  If you feel your favorite was given short shrift, gather your friends and raid my surveys (links in the previous blog).  Skew the data as much as you want. I will leave the surveys up for another week or so.  Personally, I am very pleased.

“WALL-E” is my favorite Pixar and I am delighted that it cam out on top.  For me, it is creative, unique, and beautifully crafted.  It is the only film in the group that I gave a perfect score.  No one else did give it a perfect score, but it got many 4s an 5s.  There’s just something about the character that speaks to people.

So that is the end of the grand Pixar series.  Starting Thursday, I will be back to more random posts, including my review of “Moana”.  I hope you have enjoyed this look back on Pixar’s fims as much as I have.



One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. Lee Hamilton

    Thanks for doing this research. I can go straight to the top films. Happy to know there are high quality, family-friendly movies that not only entertain but also impart meaningful life lessons.



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