The Muppet Christmas… Parade

I must confess that I have never seen “The Muppet Christmas Carol”.  I am not a young person and my Christmas memory of the Muppets is the TV special with John Denver and “Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas”.  I actually found Emmet Otter on DVD several years ago, I haven’t managed to find John Denver, sadly.  But neither of those are my favorite Muppet Christmas memory.

When I was almost six I got sick.  I got very sick and ended up in the hospital.  In fact I turned six in the Cleveland Clinic.  After almost a month in the hospital, I was responding well enough to my treatment to head home.  I was limited in my activities though and one of the things I couldn’t do was spend a lot of time outside.  As you might be able to imagine, that limited my options in the Northeastern Ohio autumn and winter.  No trick-or-treating, no apple picking, no hay rides, as Christmas approached I was getting frustrated.My poor little heart finally broke, however, when my mother informed me I couldn’t see the Christmas parade.

You see we lived in a middle-sized town with a shopping Main Street.  We even had our very own department store with decorated windows.  Each year in December there was a huge (at least to little me) Christmas parade.  I loved it.  We would look at all the window, drink hot chocolate, and eat popcorn as we waited for the floats.  But that year I wasn’t allowed to go.  There were tears and I’m sure that Christmas was going to be ruined.  My Grammy Mouse saved the day.

She worked in our local department store and arranged for me to sit (with her and my mom, and a couple other employees) in a stock room on couple of floors up that over looked Main Street.  I remember sitting on a tall stool watching the parade from the center window and it was fun, but no one looked up.  No one saw me no matter how much I waved.  I was seeing the parade, but I wasn’t really part of it.  Then it happened.  The Muppet float was going by the store and Floyd looked up.  He didn’t just look up, he saw me, and he waved.  At me.  Just at me in my window and with that small act I was included.  It is one of my favorite Christmas memories.

What are the little way that we can pay attention?  How can we include the excluded?  How can we be more aware of those who are on the fringes?  These are questions that Christmas bring to mind for me.  I always remember that one moment when a Muppet in a sparkly cape waved at me and I wonder who is waiting for me to look up and make a connection.  Who is waiting for you?

Have a merry and blessed Christmas, readers.



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