If you can’t say something nice…

It is the point in the calendar when we all look back reflectively on the year that has been and talk about all the wonderful things that happened as we prepare to move on into a new year of possibilities.  Honestly though, 2016 was horrible!  No matter what metric one would care to use (personal, professional, political) I had a fairly horrible year.  So I decided to take advice from Thumper and avoid discussing 2016 altogether.  However, two things were pointed out to me (Thank you, Princess).  First, I wrote a blog debunking that advice called “If you can’t say something nice, try harder”.  Second, some good things actually did happen amidst all the rest.  So here it goes.

The biggest good news of 2016 is that we got a dog!  We adopted a six-year-old rescue from our local shelter.  The Disney Dog is a sweetie pie who has settled into the Mouse house quite well.  The Aristocat is unimpressed, but he is coping.  The Princess and I are delighted to have her and have found a new rhythm that includes walks and trips to the dog park.

In other news, I have lost a full size in my clothes.  I have no doubt this is directly related to the above mentioned walks and trips to the dog park.  My daily activity level has increased since Disney Dog has arrived.  I also finished my first timed 5K this spring.  I walked the Neverland 5K at Disneyland in May.  Despite not keeping my goal pace the whole time, I finished in plenty of time.  They didn’t have to kick me off the course!

Meanwhile,  The Princess has become a Senior and we are getting ready for her inevitable departure.  She has been accepted to three universities at this point including her top choice!  Two days after I ‘ran’ my first 5K, she (really) ran her first half marathon.  She finished the Tinkerbell half in great time on Mother’s Day and was invited to join the Chinese Army by Mulan afterwards.

See!  I can say something nice.  But honestly, it’s a stretch.

I’m not sure what 2017 will hold in store.  I do know there will be a lot of change coming.  Here in the blog, I’m planning a couple of series for the year.  First, a series focused on the Disney Princes.  We talk a lot about the Princesses.  I’m going to take some time to talk about the boys and how they have changed through the years.  Look for that one around Valentine’s day.  I will continue to review Disney movies as they are released and may start to broaden out to include Marvel and Star Wars.  We will be heading out to Florida to celebrate graduation, so I will once again be attempting to live Tweet our experiences at the Disney Parks.  After that, who knows?

2017 is a calendar full of blank pages.  I hope you can all fill them with joy and wonder in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Happy New Year!



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