Moving forward resolutely

Who made New Year’s resolutions?  I didn’t really.  I’m pretty much over the whole “new year, new you” thing.  I don’t believe that getting a new calendar means that I will somehow be more motivated to do the things I should.  Having said that, I am sitting here with a large cup of water next to me.  But in my defense I’ve had this cup on my desk for a couple months.  My goal since the fall has been to fill it with water several times a day.  The new year is just a good excuse to remind myself of that.

The problem with resolutions, for me is the calendar.  January 1st hits and all the changes are supposed to take effect.  I find it is really impossible to change anything until we are back in the school/work routine again.  In fact, this year we were practically snowed in January 1 & 2.  So much for watching less TV and getting to the gym.  But that’s okay.  I didn’t decide to do either of those things.  I didn’t really decide to do anything so spending two days on the couch in bad weather is no big deal.  The one thing I am going to work on this year is my attitude.

As I wrote previously, last year was pretty bad. By the end I was feeling highly negative.   The Princess decided that we needed some guiding principles for getting through 2017 to lift our spirits and keep us (me) from descending into sarcasm and whining.  Our mantra for 2017 is “Kindness & Empathy”.  This is our real resolution.

In 2017 we are resolved to evaluate situations with kindness and empathy first.  This applies to people we meet, situations we see on the news, and (apparently) drivers making questionable choices on the road.  Our hope is that not only will that help us to cope with the stresses and strains of the year to come, but it will also spread out from us and incorporate the people on the receiving end of our kindness.  A little empathy can go a long way toward easing stress.  As Disney has taught us, only love can thaw a frozen heart.  This year we will spread around as much love as we can and see what melts.



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