Is this the story we want to tell?

I have no idea what to say.

Last week I was angry.  I watched the leaders of this country slowing disenfranchise the poor, marginalize women, and destroy our environment.  I watched them attack the free press, gag government agencies, and lie to the American people.  I watched them bully, threaten, and mock anyone who spoke out against them.  I was appalled that this was somehow becoming our new normal.

And then it got worse.

How do I even begin to respond to the unbridled hate and oppression that was on display this weekend?  Where is the connection between Disney and forced deportation?  How can I come up with a clever movie tie in that speaks to victimizing refugees?  Is there any room for my voice in the reality of the world we are now living in?  I feel like my heart is breaking just a little more every day.

When I look back on these days and weeks, what will I tell the generations that follow?  Will I say we made a mistake?  Will I say we didn’t know any better?  Will I say that we didn’t try hard enough?  I don’t know.

My tag line for Pastor is Mouse Ears is ‘Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust’.  It is a direct quote from “Peter Pan” and it reflects my dual commitment to my faith in Jesus Christ and my love of (almost) all things Disney.  Ultimately this blog is about the transformative power of hope, the belief in happy endings, and a basic understanding that we all have the ability to be something more, something better.  At my core I still believe that.

When I see Christians uniting across the theological spectrum to speak out against banning Muslims, I have hope.

When I see lawyers sitting on floors in airports for hours waiting to have access to people who need their help, I have hope.

When I see diverse families standing together in support of their neighbors, I have hope.

When I see millions of people around the country and the world protesting the unethical actions of our government, I have hope.

This is not our story.  This is not who we are.

“They have stolen the heart from inside you.

But this does not define you.

This is not who you are.

You know who you are.”

‘Know Who You Are’, “Moana”


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