Resistance by Disney

You may have notice that there are a lot of people unhappy with the first several weeks of our new POTUS.  You may have noticed that many and varied people have gathered together to speak up for the rights of immigrants, the rights of women, the rights of people of color, the rights of LGBTQI people, the validity of science, the importance of education, the value of affordable healthcare, the protection of our environment, the key role of the media and free speech, and the necessity of truth and transparency in government.  There’s been a lot going on.  If you have missed it, you have been intentionally avoiding the news.  People are unhappy and are calling for all of us to stand up to the new administration and not allow our constitution to be hijacked by those in power.  While this seems like an extreme point of view, when National Park Rangers have to operate around a gag order we are, in fact, living in an extreme time.  We must resist.  In fact those of us who have joined the United Methodist Church have promised to:

“accept the freedom and power God gives you to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves”  United Methodist Hymnal

So it is time to resist.

I have learned a lot watching Disney movies over the years (no surprise there), including how to resist evil.  Not all of those lessons have been learned by watching characters do the right thing.  Some of the best things I have learned have come from characters making stupid mistakes.  Here are a few of the things I have learned.

  1. Don’t take the apple.

    Just because something looks good on the surface doesn’t mean it is actually what you think it is.  Don’t blindly accept what we are told at face value.  If we have learned nothing else in the last few weeks, we have learned that the administration will lie to us and call those lies facts.  Look closer and wider.  Do research.  Be smarter than Snow White.

  2. Don’t give away your voice.ariel-voiceYour voice is the greatest tool that you have.  Anyone who wants to steal it from you wants to control you and keep you following their plan.  Speak up!  Speak up for yourself and speak up for those who have given away their voice or had it stolen from them.  Silence will not win the day.  Be smarter than Ariel.
  3. Don’t trade your power.hercules-powerThose who want you to give up your power are afraid of you.  They fear what you might be able to do to them and will do their best to make you give up.  They will tell you resistance is pointless.  They will tell you that you are alone.  They will tell you that you are doing more harm than good.  They tell you these things because they are afraid.  They know that you can stop them.  Stand strong.  Be smarter than Hercules.
  4. We are stronger together.antsjoinarmstogetherWe are small, but we are mighty.  When enough of us gather together in resistance we are unstoppable.  Goliath fell to a single stone thrown by a single shepherd.  We are innumerable.  Any number of Goliaths will fall before us.  We have the power to change the course our country has been set on.  We have to power to make others pay attention.  Be like the ants.  Find your tribe, link arms, and hold on.




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