Prince Charming: Bring on the Women!

Our second Disney Prince is once again without a name.  He also seems to be without any passion, energy, or drive.  He is not looking for love, doesn’t seem to care about his role as the royal heir, and never leaves the palace.  Nice work if you can get it.

Prince Charming is even less of a protagonist is Cinderella’s story than The Prince was in Snow White.  His father, the King, arranges the ball.  The Fairy Godmother gets Cinderella in the doors.  The Grand Duke goes out searching for Cinderella.  Finally, the mice rescue her from the tower so she can be revealed.  Charming does nothing except dance and decide, ‘I’ll take this one.  She’s cute.’  How is he the hero of this story?  And again, how are they even in love?  At least in Snow White’s story there is an understanding that she is awoken by true love.  There is no real evidence of that in “Cinderella”.  They dance.  They sing.  They don’t share names.  They know nothing about each other.

If we are looking at what these Princes say about the role of men, it is hard to find a worse example than Prince Charming (we will, but not for a little while).  The word here is entitlement.  The King and Prince Charming both think it is perfectly acceptable to bring every girl in the kingdom to the palace so the Charming can look them over like he’s at some all you can eat buffet.  Of course, they’re right.  All of the girls flock into the ball hoping to catch Charming’s eye.  Then when he finally picks one, he can’t even be bothered to go after her himself, but sends a lackey.  ‘I’d like the 5 foot, four-inch blonde who looked good in blue.  Deliver her to me no later than tomorrow.’  I supposed that’s charming.  Maybe he’s a very good dancer.

Once again we have a young, white, good-looking man partaking in the happy ending he did nothing to secure.

So this is love?  No, thank you.


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