Nine things you didn’t know about your favorite Disney movies

I can be reasonably sure in my title today since nine of the ten trivia points I posted on Saturday for April Fools were made up entirely by me.  No matter how much of a Disney geek you are, you can’t know what isn’t true.  While some contained a grain of truth, some were entirely false.  Below is the reality of the quiz.

  1. Bette Davis was originally cast to play Maleficent in “Sleeping Beauty”.

bette davis

FALSE.  Eleanor Audley (the voice of Lady Tremaine in “Cinderella”) was Disney’s preferred choice to voice Maleficent.  She originally turned them down because of illness, but changed her mind.


2. The first draft of the “Toy Story” story script included Luxo, Jr.


FALSE.  There is a brief cameo by Luxo, Sr during Buzz’s flight scene, but there was no intention to include either of the lamps as room denizens.


3. Over 16 Hours of Dialog had to be cut from “Aladdin”.


FALSE.  Robin Williams did, in fact improvise most of his lines though not in the quantity I stated.  Also, there was no need to recut the film as the animators selected from the recorded dialog before they began work on the character.


4. “Alice in Wonderland” was almost banned.


FALSE.  The House Un-American Activites Committee was uninterested in the movie.  However, literally critics hated it.


5. Joss Whedon wrote “Toy Story”.

 joss whendon

 TRUE!  The writer/director best known for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” & “The Avengers” was part of the team that wrote the script for our first visit to Andy’s Room.  In fact, he is credited with changing Buzz’s character so that Buzz was unaware that he was a toy.  This shaped “Toy Story” into the movie we all know and love.


6. J.M. Barrie voiced Nibs in “Peter Pan”.

FALSE.  Barrie, in fact, had died before the movie was released.  We will never how he would have responded to Disney’s version of his novel.


7. Billy Crystal refused to record with John Goodman for “Monsters University”.

 monsters cast

 FALSE.  Crystal and Goodman once again recorded all their dialog together.  The comedians again insisted it was easier to work off each other when they were both present.


8. Walt Disney hated “Bedknobs & Broomsticks”.


FALSE.  In reality, this movie was the last movies released before the death of Roy Disney and was intended to be on the scale of “Mary Poppins”.


9. The Disney Corporation was sued over “The Great Mouse Detective”.


FALSE.  The Sherlock Holmes novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have been in and out of public domain for decades depending on what court case was currently active.  “The Great Mouse Detective” was both released and re-released in one of those phases.


10. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” had to be entirely repainted.

seven dwarfs

FALSE.  The dwarfs were never conceived as interchangeable in any way.  In fact, early drafts of the story focused on them rather than Snow White and her story.


So there you go, Disney geeks.  Did you find the truth or did I make an April Fool of you?



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