Standing the test of time

I get asked many questions when I tell people about this blog.  Some are fun.  Some are curious.  And, of course, some are just plain rude.  My least favorite falls in the last category, “Aren’t you a little old for Disney?”  I’m never quite sure at that point if I’m being insulted or if Disney is.  Maybe both.

There is a notion that Disney is for children.  Whether you are talking about the movies, books, tv shows, or parks there is a grain of truth to that.  The Disney corporation intentionally makes products that are accessible to families with children.  This was one of Walt’s primary goals.  However, I take exception to the idea that Disney is something we can grow out of.  Just because something is kid friendly, doesn’t mean it’s kid exclusive.

There are some exceptions.  I have no idea what the Disney Channel is offering for preschoolers these days.  I am not engaged by a show that assumes I am still learning my letters and numbers.  I also find most of the tween targeted shows insipid and overly reliant on stereotyping and overused plot devices. Just because I love Disney doesn’t mean I love all the things that Disney produces.  That being said, I will never be too old to enjoy a movie with a happy ending, a ride on a carousel, or getting hugs from characters.  There is no age limit on Mickey waffles, a cuddly toy, or singing along with your (current) favorite Disney soundtrack.

There is something freeing about setting aside the seriousness of adulthood and having some fun.  Whether it’s riding a roller coaster, watching an animated feature, or dancing with a penguin (Grammy Mouse did that) there is joy to be found there.  It is freeing to believe in true love, happily ever afters, and the triumph of god over evil.  We do not outgrow hope and trusting that good will triumph over evil is never childish.  We can choose to find the good in things and open our hearts to possibility.

“I assure you that if you don’t turn your lives around and become like this little child, you will definitely not enter the kingdom of heaven”  Matthew 18: 3 CEB


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