Here Comes Pandora!

As I have stated in previous postings, change makes me nervous, especially change for change’s own sake.  I know this is ironic since I am a pastor and extol my congregations to embrace change all the time.  I know that change is a requirement for growth.  I know that organizations that are stagnant will die.  Change is good and important and crucial.  I hate it when it actually applies to me.  I especially when it changes thing I love like, for example, Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

So why Pandora?

That’s the first question that comes to mind.  There seem to be other franchises that would be a better fit for a Disney Park.  As others have shared with me, even a fairy tale land with dragons and unicorns would seem to make more sense,  But what we have is an entirely new land based on a film from 2009 with no Disney connections at all.

Interestingly, some of this debate echos the discussion that happened when Star Tours was first built in 1987.  At that point there was no connection between between Disney and Lucasfilm.  The Star Wars furor had died down possibly forever with no new movies on the horizon.  That was over a ride, not a whole new land!  Thirty years on, we can look back and realize that move was prescient.  But at the time, who knew that Star Wars would come to belong to Disney and would be getting its own brand new land (though after Pandora which Disney doesn’t own).  Honestly, I don’t understand the reasoning.

I am waiting to see what people have to say and, of course, I will give you my own very honest review after my trip next month.  We’ll see if the change is for the right reasons or just something showy.



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