Disney Countdown

Three weeks from right now I will be winging my way down to Florida for The Princess’s graduation celebration at Walt Disney World.  We are in that awkward phase of Disney trips where there is nothing to do.  We have made all our reservations, booked our Fastpasses, and paid our bills.  The MagicBands are on their way, the Photopass is purchased and ready to go, and we’re checked into our hotel.  It is too early to pack, check into our flight, or order our snacks to be delivered to the hotel.  There is nothing to do except wait.  I hate waiting.

It’s not like I don’t have plenty of other things to do.  There is the aforementioned graduation and its accompanying festivities, there is my upcoming move and all the work associated with that, plus there is still all the same day-to-day that doesn’t stop no matter  what else is going on.  I am not looking for ways to fill my time.  The problem is I’ve spent the last several months watching the calendar so I can hop online and book restaurants and rides.  It feels a little weird to be done.  It would seem to be tempting fate to say that we’re ready for the trip.  Right now we are in the space in between getting ready and leaving.  Like most in between spaces it’s a challenge to be in.

It is hard to be in between, yet most of our life is spent in these spaces.  In fact, there is a theory that says that all great ministries are done in between spaces: in between hope and fear, life and death, death and resurrection, what is and what will be.  As uncomfortable as those places are that is where we are needed the most.   That doesn’t make being in between easier, but it does give it purpose.

What are you in between?  Now and next?  Here and there?  Preparing and doing?  Find the holy in your space and reach out from there to those sharing that space with you.  The time is both blessed and stressful.  Make the most of it.


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One thought on “Disney Countdown

  1. Lee Hamilton

    Dreaming of a special time ahead is often more special than the time itself. So, I like to consider the “waiting” time as “dreaming” time instead.



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