A whole new world

Here I am after a brief hiatus.  Since last I wrote I have spent time at Walt Disney World (more about that in other blogs) and relocated my household to an entirely new location.   To say I am exhausted would be an understatement. My life is in boxes.  I have found my pots and pans, but not my utensils to cook with.  I have unpacked my plates but am still missing my silverware.  I cannot find the cord to plug in my tv.  In addition I have no idea where to get a good hot beverage, a breakfast burrito, or dairy free frozen dinners.  My life is chaos and I don’t like it.

I know it will settle.  I know that eventually I will know all of the things that I don’t know now.  I will have new routines, new places, and new favorites.  I know soon I will begin to explore and find hidden treasures.  But right now I am simply overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar.  I am waiting for my sense of adventure to kick in so I can see this as a great new opportunity.

Maybe it’s still in a box, too.



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