Stories from the Park — Introduction

Those of us who are Disney fans speak a lot about the Magic of Disney.  It is a feeling that we get from watching a Disney movie or visiting a Disney Park.  And while the tone is set by the Disney corporation, the true magic comes from the people experiencing the event with you.  Listening to children in the theater gasp and cheer for their new favorite hero, singing along  with a whole bus full of people on the way to a park, laughing and screaming on a ride with total strangers, or having a ‘conversation’ with a Disney character who doesn’t even talk; all these things weave together a community.  That community makes magic in a way that you cannot understand unless you have experienced it.  Disney fans aren’t the only community that does this, but it is the community that has always spoken to me.  It is why I see Disney films in the theater and why I return, over and over, to the Disney Parks.

Whenever I spend time at a Disney Park, I have experiences that stay with me.  Some of them are rides and shows.  Some of them are interactions with cast members.  Some of them are simply meaningful time spent with family.  Some of them are conversations with other guests.  They all make an impact above and beyond the everyday fun and excitement of the trip and remain with me longer than the few minutes than they happen.  Over the next couple of blogs, I’m going to share some of these stories.  They range from funny to thought provoking.  At least I think they do.  They exemplify for me the spirit of Disney and why I do what I do.

I encourage you to share your own stories, if not with me then with another Disney fan.  We can’t live in a Disney park (though I would be willing to try), but we can form our own communities where we are and make a little magic in our everyday life.


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