Man Up — Postscript

There is another reason I have been struggling with writing the series on Pixar shorts in my current mood.  That reason has a lot to do with Pixar itself.

It is no great surprise if you are a Disney fan that Pixar films, both long and short, are dominated by men. Until “Brave” in 2012, there were no Pixar films that feature female characters in leading role in its 17 year history.  While there were memorable female characters Dory and Elastigirl, they were sidekicks rather than leads.  I find it interesting that they have both since gotten their own starring roles in features. Unsurprisingly, the short films have a similar bias.  There are no shorts that feature a woman until we get to the bonus feature from “Brave” narrated by the witch.  I find myself uninspired to write about men telling stories about other men right now.

As an added bonus to my apathy, John Lasseter, the main creative voice behind Pixar’s success, stepped away because of his self admitted ‘missteps’ with female employees.  Apparently is was commonly known that women would not sit next to Lasseter in meetings because of his wandering hands.  This was known by me and women both and no one said or did anything to stop it.  The men who worked with him stayed silent instead of standing up with the women they worked with.  I really don’t feel like praising the work that they created while working in a culture where women weren’t valued.  Is it any wonder that there were no films, short or long, that featured women.  It is obvious in hindsight that their voices and contributions weren’t valued.  If they were, Lasseter’s behavior would have been stopped.  Again, the ‘nice guys’ didn’t do it.  They just let it keep happening.

At some point I will return to the Pixar shorts.  They are a quality body of work.  But right now, I just can’t.

1 thought on “Man Up — Postscript

  1. Lee Hamilton

    Repression of women has happened for so long, to so many, that I have failed to put all the pieces together. I’m having an awakening. I don’t mean that I didn’t experience instances of discrimination based on my female gender. I did. But I was complacent, perhaps to some extent numbed due to the pervasiveness of male dominance and male misbehavior. Yeah, let’s take lots of deep breaths and get the oxygen going. More work to do!



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